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Drift BoatThis is a “hands on” lesson in river running on Western Oregon, Coastal or Mid Mountain Rivers. Great for beginners or more experienced boaters wanting a refresher.

I have spent thirty years rowing on most of the run able rivers of Oregon and continue to find maneuvering a drift boat down a coursing waterway to be one of the more exilirating and rewarding of outdoor encounters.

Sharing technical and safety skills involved in this sport is one way I can give back something to the memory of my own mentors who added immeasurably to my experiences in the outdoors.

Although not as easy as a guide makes it look, river navigation is definitely an acquired skill. Before you jump into your brand new craft and push off down your favorite river, spend a little time to learn what to look for (reading water) and how to make your river craft respond to your touch and stroke. A lesson is the best foundation to build upon to become adept in handling future encounters with your favorite rivers.

Lesson: $350 for one or two people.

For more information or any querries you might have, send me an email